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 I like the story my uncle albert bushie told me about he and my father when in 1930 there was no work they decided to jump on the rails and go around the country breaking horses for farmers and ranchers albert brought along a haircut kit and could get a meal or so cutting hair at hobo jungles and such my dad frank would find local bootlegger and buy a gallon or so and sell it by the drink at labor camps and such they rode the frieghts for 2 years or so when one wasnt broken up the other one was albert would grin and say THATS WHERE I GOT MY COLLEGE EDUCATION.                  albert wet to work for an old rancher who took a liking to him and one day said  albert i worked all my life building this ranch and now im getting old   ill make you a deal if you take care of me the rest of my life i will give you everything i got as i dont have any one to give it to think it over  albert looked around and all he saw for miles was desert and a saloon, feed store and a bunch of tarpaper shacks  he went back to the old man and said gee im not even 21 yet,i dont want to spend the rest of my life in this desert. old man says i dont blame you. albert left that spring         TODAY THAT RANCH IS DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS

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Great story!!!

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