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when i think of my mother (anne ogorek bushie) i think of her merrily sewing at her old machine, when it went a little out of wack she would mumble a few word she didnt want me to hear and pull out a little tool kit and soon it was whirring along better than ever.she at 83 could thread a small needle without glasses. some of her quilts had over 3000 pieces;she sent one of these to my daughter in okinawa and she showed at a craft show and it was selected to represent the US in an international craft contest.i had one pair of levis for over 30 years that she patched over patch over patch in an orderly fashion. some people asked where i got the designer jeans! she made one to raffle at albert & myrtles corner tap room in badger minn. they sold over 1000 tickets@1.00 each and they donated that for repairs for lutheran church at caribou, with albert, al jr ,david and robert bushie to furnish labor.when spring came church was gone.where did it go?





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