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Kittson profiles and photos from the past and present

Thank you Ed for your $20.00 pledge which brings us to the new total of $205.00.


Those of you who pledged may now submit your checks payable to



332 E Main street

Lake Bronson, Mn



No letter is necessary.  Simply put the notation on the check:   Web site.


To those members who are still willing to make a pledge please do so. We see no reason at the present time to establish a membership fee but if each member submitted at least $5.00 a year we would have funds to pay the yearly $200. fee.  $5.00 x 60 members = $300.


As the membership numbers grow the contribution by each member would go down. I plan to open a group on the web site that will continually display our monies on hand. I do not wish to get into an annual funds drive if it can be helped.   Glenn

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