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Many of you here are aware of my blog St. Vincent Memories, but I wanted to mention it here for those of you not.  It is an ongoing project of mine begun over five years ago and now has nearly 700 posts on a wide-range of subjects all with one thing in common - they are all about St. Vincent and its surrounding communities/neighbors, emphasizing the local history, but also touching on more current news when it seems appropriate.  Many individuals and groups have helped me locate information, brought stories to my attention, or helped expand knowledge on topics already discussed.  It's been a joy to rediscover my history and share it with many others - expatriates, current residents, or just interested strangers.  It's really helped me understand where we came from and why, how very special our area is (I always felt it was, but now I know more about why), etc.  It's also been a joy to spotlight local writing talent such as Charles Harris Walker, who I am proud to be able to have called a friend.  Chuck had a passion for local history that rivaled my own, and a deep knowledge of not only the general history of our area, but the histories of many of the pioneers, and brought them vividly to life in his books Sheriff Charley Brown, and Bordertowns.

I invite you all to go visit St. Vincent Memories, and browse the archives.  Subscribe to the posts and don't miss a new entry again.  I'd love to share with you, and feel free to give me feedback.  I'd love to hear from you...

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Hi Trish, Thanks for joining and jumping right in and speaking up. I see no conflict between this web page and St. Vincent Memories. The latter gives you a wide canvass to paint on while I see this page as more personal about your family.
When you make comments here about your web page, it is usually lost unless someone is reading a recent post of yours. I think you could open a "group" titled St. Vincent Memories and use it to direct people to your web space. I am not suggesting that it be a duplicate of the St. V. Memories but simply an introduction. The group will be more visible and thus attract more people to it. Any grandparents you write about would be additional groups. I am glad to see you are moving a couple hours closer to home. I am also glad you are going to be too busy to write much as it will give me an opportunity to finish reading all your web page content and catch up. (just kidding) Glenn
I'm gonna take you up on that suggestion, good idea (doing the group thing here). You're right, probably only a few would see the above post but it would make more sense to have a group dedicated to highlighting it and discussing it...Thanks for the idea, Glenn!

...and enjoy reading the site - it takes a long time. I've often went back and revisited it and been amazed at how much is there. Tires me out realizing how much time I've put into it, in retrospect but man I've loved every minute of it! :)

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