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Hi all,

A few years ago I purchased a 1950 Ford f-1 pickup, Ive done quite a bit of work to the truck to get it running and driving, new engine, etc. But, I have left the exterior stock because of whats painted on it. Both of the doors have TRANBERG BROS. HALLOCK, MN painted on them. One side also has a fish in the white area, while the other has a gun. On the sides of the hood are written Johnson Sea Horses on one side, and Alumacraft boats on the other. I am looking for more information on this truck, its history, and what the Tranbergs used it for. I spoke to a few people at the Back to the Fifties car show the last few years and they told me the Tranbergs sold TVS. After hearing that, I was able to decipher that MAGNAVOX was painted above the windshield, it is just now very hard to read. Does anyone know this truck? Or have any pictures of it? Anything you could provide would be great!

Also, a little background info, I am from Taylors Falls, near the twin cities, I have never personally been to Hallock, just would love to learn more history about this truck. 



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I looked though all my Kittson County and Hallock history books and couldn't find anything about the Tranberg Brothers business. I did find that a Reuben Tranberg once owned the Golden Rule store in Hallock.  Attached is an advertisement for the Tranberg Brothers from an old newspaper called "The Jewish Post" from May 7, 1953.  I found it online through Google News Archive. 


From the advertisement I'm assuming they used the truck to deliver appliances and any other large items to customers. 

Also found this post in the Hallock Centennial book:  

"May 27, 1953.   Tranberg Bros have a television receiver in operation in their store. A picture and sound has been received intermittently from a Texas station. Reception of course is not good."


Thank  you very much for what you have found! Do you have a link to the full page of the paper you found? Ive been searching the google archives, but haven't found anything. What terms did you use to search?


Do a regular google search for "Tranberg brothers hallock" without the quotations. Look for the search result titled "liutoria.Day", it will be a pdf file. For some reason I can't seem to find it in the news archives anymore but ended up finding it with the regular search now.
Just uncovered this too . Scroll down to 1974, it looks like the business was renamed E & L TV. I'll ask around to see if either of those people are still around.


I remember that truck.  Glad you are saving the exterior!  I remember going into the store and seeing all of the guns and ammo, fishing gear and mounted animals.  We lived a few doors down from David Tranberg.  Dad hunted with David and Abel Tranberg for years.  My brother may have some knowledge about the truck as he is 4 years older than I am and was driving by the time we left Hallock.  I will get in touch with him and refer your discussion.  

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