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Kittson profiles and photos from the past and present

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to answer them. But first be sure to check out the description for this group which has good information on it that you should check out and read first...

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I got your email on this, I am wondering what exactly you are referring to when you say, "check out the description for this group". Are you talking about one of the sections above, like MAIN? Or are you talking about the Billion Graves Discussion or the Billion Graves itself?

I haven't been to BillionGraves in quite awhile. Has it changed or is it just my computer? I will have to work my way though it and get familiar again. Hopefully I can add some pertinent information. Thanks so much for taking the photos, Trish.

I'm talking about the description for the BillionGraves group. I'm not sure how long ago you were at the actual BillionGraves site itself so it would be impossible to answer your second question. But the group description has some helpful links to pages on BillionGraves that will help.


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