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A kind lady contacted me about a picture she found in a California antique mall.  Fortunately, she found my website about the Jerome Family and  offered me the picture for her cost.  It is in excellent condition.  What a find!  Based on the apparent size of my Uncle Julius, the boy in the photo, I estimate the picture was taken around 1904-5.  There are comments on the backside written by an unknown descendant of the Smith-Jerome families.  I include them here (withing any editing):

Elizabeth Smith Burk (mom's sister)

Anna Smith Irwin (Mother) 14 yrs.

Angeline Jerome Pearenteau (mom's aunt)

Marie (Mae) Smith (Panshab, Whiteside ) (Mom's sister)

Roger Jerome (mom's uncle)

James H Smith (mom's father) ((Hiram – Elizabeth Smith) mom's grandparents)

Martin Jerome (mom's uncle)

Andre Jerome (mom's grandfather) ( his bro. Was married to Napoleon Bonaparte's sister)

Julius Jerome (Napoleon's son)

Margaret Goslau Jerome (mom's grandmother) (Her mother McKay, King

Napoleon Jerome (mom's uncle) (his wife was Elizabeth Renville)

Margaret Jerome Smith (Mrs. James Smith) (mom's mother)

Not on here

Margaret Jerome

John Jerome oldest






Julian (died at 6 yrs)



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Ed, I was wondering by the information from this picture, that Andres brother was married to Napoleon Bonaparts sister. Is that true? Seeing that Napoleon was born in 1769 and died in 1821. There seems like an 80 year gap there. Could it be that it was Andres father, Pierre's brother who was married to Napoleons sister?

I believe that is only a 'family legend'.  In the research of the family tree that I have done, I have found no connection to the Bonaparte family.  I have heard the story before that there was a connection, but I believe it is a fantasy, not fact.  If anyone can find anything that points to a connection, I will be glad to do further research on it.

Thank you for clearing that up, I had heard that story from my Grandfather Andrew and it was told to him by his father John Batiste Jerome and so it goes! Thanks again for your hours of work and information that you provide on the Jerome family.


I know that this photo was posted years ago but I'm wondering where/who has it? I'm a relative of Andre Jerome and those pictured in this photo and think it would be meaningful to know where it is currently. 


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