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Kittson profiles and photos from the past and present

Trish Short Lewis's Groups (11)


    12 members Latest Activity: Apr 23 Places and things that over time stick in our mind as memories of familiar sites.

  • BillionGraves

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 13, 2016

    For all those interested in Cemetery and individual grave documentation, including photographs and GPS locations.  This group will be for…


    8 members Latest Activity: Mar 30, 2014

    Research into who and when did the first pioneers arive, what age were they, and where did they come from.


    7 members Latest Activity: Jul 10, 2012 Largest memorial grave site in the world. 50,000 visitors a day. The perfect place to save burial records of loved ones.

  • Churches of Kittson County

    15 members Latest Activity: Dec 5, 2016 Share the history and photos of Kittson County churches. Add your memories of activities at your church.

  • Hallock, MN 56728

    9 members Latest Activity: Aug 14, 2012

  • St. Vincent Memories

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 23, 2016 Local history about St.Vincent, Minnesota and its surrounding neighbors; includes history of individuals, towns, and cultures

  • Jerome Family

    27 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2014 Andre Jerome has been called the 'first settler' of Kittson County. This group is for his descendants.

  • Cemeteries of Kittson County

    26 members Latest Activity: Mar 7 Indexes with family information are being created for each cemetery in Kittson County. The indexes can be viewed at the museum. If anyone has any…


    12 members Latest Activity: Aug 13, 2012 Members of family research and genealogy association

  • Kittson County History Center/Museum

    16 members Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2016 The History Center/Museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts from Kittson County's history. The genealogy/research area contains a large…

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