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Our Miehle Printing Press Used For Budget and Herald

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Comment by Ronald Johnson on July 22, 2012 at 4:55pm

The old Miehle Printing Press in Lake Bronson that was used for years to print The Lake Bronson Budget and The Lancaster Herald. Bob is on top, Ron second left, Lucille and Ken far right. Where Bob is standing is where we fed the large sheets of unprinted newsprint. The large cylinder which had s series of many clamps picked up the sheet of paper, rolled it around the cylinder where it met up with two inked-up forms of adv., news and pictures. The paper was fed through the Folder and after various turns and folds came out the other end of the Folder all folded nicely and neatly. The person sitting and catching the printed paper would collate the bundle and take the stack of papers to the tables where others stood rolling each newspaper to be sent out to people throughout the county, state and nation. Remember how dirty we got when we caught the printed papers? We were dirty on arms, hands, face and clothes. We also had two Linotypes, Job Press, Casting Room, Saw to cut the metal adv. and slugs that came out of the Linotypes, Proof  Press, at least Two large drawers of hand-set type [type read backwards], and a full Dark Room where the pictures for the newspapers were developed. Dad [Victor] was our main photographer, but many people took their hand at taking pictures. Wayne Sele worked for dad for many years, setting type on the linotypes, doing adv. work, putting the forms [chases] together to be printed weekly. He did just about everything at the Budget Office. Ron learned the whole trade under Wayne and eventually ran linotype and did all the other jobs after Wayne left, including casting the metal for adv. and photos, job work on the hand-feed press, selling adv., rolling papers, running the Miehle, catching the papers as they came through the Folder. Many people worked for dad over the years running the linotype and whatever there was to do.  But I do not remember most of the good people that I worked with. "We had a great crew of helpers and employees over the years". Lucille did the majority of proof-reading, taking home with her galleys of proofed type and then returning them to the office so the corrections could be reset and inserted in the proper places in each article in the form. The whole family did their share in the newspaper, but Ron followed his father in printing and spent his entire life 1961-2011 in the printing business, retiring Dec. 30, 2011. Thanks dad for the opportunity to learn the printing business from you - love you. Ron Johnson

Comment by Cindy Adams on December 10, 2013 at 10:48am

Randy Hultgren must be the other boy in the photo

Comment by Ronald Johnson on December 10, 2013 at 5:54pm

Hi Cindy ... Yah, that's him .... With us...


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