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Michael Fortune of Northcote, Kittson, Minnesota, USA

We know Michael Fortune (nee Ireland) owned a farm near Northcote in 1880, married Catherine Wold (nee Sweden)and had a son, Thomas C.(1883)and a daughter, Mary Ann(1884). His wife passed in 1886 or 1887 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. I have visited there. His grave may be next to hers but is occupied but unmarked in information I have dug up. His son went with the Peter Daly(local postmaster) family to St. Paul, MN. Michael's daughter went to a Wold family but joined the Dalys a few years later. Michael died near Moorhead, MN in 1917. If anyone has any other information or we would love to hear from you. We don't know anything else about him.

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