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I am pleased to report that we have now received pledges in excess of two hundred dollars and we are in a position to arranged for the upgrade to Ning Plus.

We wish to thank you for your pledge and would appreciate if you would forward your check in the amount of your pledge, payable to The Kittson County Historical Society, at the following address:

The Kittson County Historical Society

332 E Main street

Lake Bronson, Mn


Simply mark on your check: Web Page and mail it to the above address. Once we have your donation we will confirm receipt by email.

Your financial help is very much appreciated and will allow us to preserve the Kittson County web site along with all the historical information that is on the site.

If you have not made a pledge or forwarded a check please visit our web site at to read all the information regarding the threat of losing our web page and our drive to raise funds to keep it going. It is not too late for you to play a part in maintaining our web site.

Please check the site regularly so that you can appreciate our eventual upgrade that should take place in July.

We presently have 61 members and have plans for a membership drive as well as a number of new additions with regard to the various groups, forums and photo sections. A Kittson County Historical site worth saving.

Glenn Browne

The above letter was sent out to all members on June 3rd, 2010. Some members have not been receiving our group emails with regard to our drive to raise funds to maintain this web site. You may have your spam control set too high and our mail is not getting through. Please add our web address

to your address book so you do not miss future emails. Glenn Browne


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