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For some years now I have been taking photos of the old farms and homes in Kittson County. I have watched the weather and gravity take their toll. Many of these farm sites were very active for a hundred years and more. They sheltered two or three generations of the same family. In the last thirty years the pace of farm abandonment has picked up.  The children move away to begin their own lives and to find work that is no longer available in the county. The parents grow old and have no one to take over the running of the farm. They reach the point they can no longer maintain the upkeep of the house and all the buildings. They have no trouble selling the farm land but the new owners are not interested in the farm buildings, so they are abandoned.

By my photographs I am trying to share and preserve these places that were the heart of these families and the county for so long. Please do not hesitate to ask questions or comment on the photo.

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