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We were very happy to find out the information about the location of this cemetery just south of the Canadian Border. Baby Lewis was the infant son of Alex and Julia (Ogorek) Leskiw and a little brother to Helen Domainiak of Virginia, MN, well know to many local Lancasterites, . Lewis is a first cousin to Anne (Leskiw) Anderson. Anne, age 94, was very happy when we took her to see this cemetery before Memorial Day, as she had not known where the baby was located prior to this. We put a floral bouquet there for him. Thanks for this info, Marcy and Glenn. from Louise

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Comment by Marcy Johnson on June 18, 2009 at 7:46pm
Hi Louise, I was so happy to see this information. Maybe you can help with the identification of the others buried there. Works Progress Administration Report from Dec 1936 states: "Located on the former Tom Lako Farm. The owner of the cemetery is John Ceravsky. Condition of the cemetery: well fenced and all graves have wooden crosses so it is in fair condition although there is no one to look after it. The six burials are: Jack Linyb, 11 March 1932; Peter Kroplinski, 13 Sept 1922; Mrs. Jake Wallenberg, 2 Feb 1922; Child (no name) Gooselau, 30 Oct 1925; Louise Leski, 15 Aug 1922; Child (no name) Kroplinski, June 1932. Remarks: How this cemetery originated here can not be determined as the former farm owner has no relatives buried here and neither has the present owner. The cemetery is on the top of a large sand ridge which is covered with a growth of willows and scrub oak. Sources of information: John Ceravski and Oscar Rundquist."
Do you know who the following people are? Jack Lamik/Linyb d. 11 March 1932, baby Lamik/Linyb and unknown Gooselaw. Peter Kropelnike and Carl Kropelniki were the sons of Charles 'Bazile' and Mary Marie Mikety Kropelnicki. Mrs. Jake Wallenberg was Annie Soboczenski - wife of Jacob 'Jake' Peter Wallenberg; dau. of Joseph and Catherine 'Katie' Zidinski (Soboeznski) Soboczenski; mother of Helen, Stella, Thomas, Peter Herman, Andrew Jacob. She died when Andrew was 2 year old. Jacob took the children back to St. Louis, MO and put them in an orphanage there. He worked at the orphanage as a janitor and never told the children about all the family in Kittson County. I was contacted in January by Jacob and Annie's granddaughter and shared what information I had with the family in Kittson County. I also put her in touch with relatives here.


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