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If you have been working on a Family Tree and reach a dead end or what is known as a brick wall, it can be frustrating. If you buy a membership on they allow you to post your entire Family Tree on line. All of your information is added to their data base and included in any and all searches made by other members. My paternal grandmother came from Northern Ireland and searching the records has been very difficult. I discovered on a few scraps of new information. A few years ago I posted my family tree records on line in the hope I would hear from someone who had a similar name or names on their family tree.

A few days ago I was contacted by a person from Northern Ireland through who was interested in my paternal grandmother. A few emails later we confirmed we were both interested in Jane Cummings Brown. We both ended up knocking down the same brick wall and hve started exchanging information. From my point of view, I not only discovered a great deal of information on my grandmother but added over 400 more people to my family tree and met a blood relative.

I have heard many people say they did not wish to add their family tree to as they did not wish to have the information out in public view. They had many negative wories that something bad could happen. That is a choice each person must make but from my point of view the risk is worth taking as I have now doubled my family tree and at the same time have met a very cooperative distant relative in Ireland. At the same time I have broadened her view of the same family tree as we continue to work together towards the same goals.

There are some risks in life worth taking.

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