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Kittson profiles and photos from the past and present

The Kittson Historian is now two months old. It is only reasonable that a page dedicated to Kittson County people and history should evaluate this project from a historical perspecive. We now have 19 members and eleven have submitted personal portrait photographs. Hopefully the remaining eight will find an acceptable photograph of themselves and come out from behind the curtain. Some Ning groups do not allow people to join withought first submitting a photo.At present we have not insisted on a photo. Keep in mind this is suppose to be a historical record and photos are important.

Out of a total of fifteen groups that have been created so far, three are for families, fiver are for towns, two for townships and the remaining five are misellaneous. While a person can read the contents of these groups you are not able to add comments, ask questions, or make suggestions unless you are a member of a group. Do not hesitate to join any group and show you are interested and supportive of the group.

Twenty one photos have been posted in the Photos section and another seven are included in the seven Blogs.
Anyone can start keeping a Blog. You can use it to record your family research progress, your family genealogy, or historical events of your family. Another word for Blog is Journal, but online. At present only two members have started a Blog.

Three Forums are on record but no Videos. It will be interesting to watch this page grow in the months to come.

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