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During my travels around the county photographing cemeteries, particularly in abandoned farms with private cemeteries, I discover lots of old signs of the past. At this time of the year, with no leaves on the trees and brush,
much is to be seen. Take this old wagon. It work was done and it was moved aside into some brush in some out of the way place on the farm. Now trees have grown up all around it making it not only hidden but trapped. It could have been saved for a museum long ago, (60 years at least), but back in those days these were rather common items. I think in some ways it has more character, sitting here deep in the woods, than it would in a modern museum. I would rather moulder away in a quiet woods in touch with nature than on display. At least the photo can save it for an even longer time to come and a wider audience. The top pair of wheels are from the front of the wagon while the lower photo shows the rear wheels. .

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