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Kittson profiles and photos from the past and present just announced that on July 20th we can purchase an upgrade to Ning Plus. That gives us a little over two weeks to collect all our pledges. As of yesterday the following generous members have submitted their checks.

Glenn Browne $20.

Roberta Nyquist $20.

Vicki Hill $15.

Darnielle Kimbrel $20.

Louise Coffield $20.

Thomas Wickie $20.

Marjorie Vargas $20.

Ed Merck $20.

Bev. Niebruegge $20.

Marcy Johnson $20.

If you pledged some money and mailed your check watch for your name to appear on this list as it will be updated regularly. I hardly need mention that checks from Canada take much longer to reach us than regular mail. As of June 28th we have collected $195.00. We need $200.00.

We are still waiting for a half dozen members to mail us their pledge check.

I can't help but think of that line in the Tom Cruise movie, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" (Please)

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