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hello would anyone have a plat book to look up coordinates to look up where the original farm was granted to daniel hayden? on the land grant it is the 5 th pm 161n-47w. it looks like daniel and 2 of the boys (needler and george) had land very close to each other.  thank you

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Comment by Glenn Browne on April 12, 2013 at 10:20am

I have examined four plat books, 1990, 1972, 1966, 1912 and I have been unable to locate any Hayden record in Percy or Hazelton townships. The  directory for the 1912 plat book has the following entries.

Hayden, Everet, Breeder of Thoroughbred French Percheron Horses and Shropshire Sheep, S.6, T. Percy, P.O.Bronson 1886. (refers to Section 6 of Percy Township)

Hayden, G.E. Farmer and Breeder of Gray Durham Cattle, S. 30, T. Hazelton,(refers to section 30, Hazelton Township) P.O. Bronson.  Mr. Hayden was born in England in 1852 and settled in Kittson County in 1878. He is married to Jane Smyth.  Mr. Hayden has served as Town Clerk and School Clerk for a number of years and is one of the first settlers in Kittson County.

Note - If  G.E. Hayden was in the county by 1878, he certainly was one of the very first settlers. We will continue searching and let you know if we learn anything new. It is strange that Hayden is in the directory but not recorded on the plat maps.

Comment by scott hayden on April 12, 2013 at 3:48pm

thank you for your wonderful work and yes george was daniels oldest son my great great uncle                                                                


George Edward Hayden

Event Type:


Event Date:

23 Feb 1891

Event Place:

Lindsay, Victoria, Ontario, Canada



Birth Year (Estimated):


Father's Name:

Daniel Hayden

Mother's Name:

Maria Needler

Spouse's Name:

Jane Smith

Spouse's Age:


Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated):


Spouse's Father's Name:

Thomas Smith

Spouse's Mother's Name:

Jane Crawford

Registration Number:


GS Film number:


Digital Folder Number:


Image Number:



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