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The Lake Bronson Dam is nearing the end of its life cycle and many meetings have been held to try and resolve the problem. Rather than replace the dam the experts have narrowed down the options to the point that I believe they are going to lower the road that passes over the dam by at least a couple of feet and then rebuild the road and the downside of the dam in such a way it will provide and emergency spillway. Other improvements will be made to the dam and the gates. At the present time I understand that this old dam would have trouble surviving a major flood. Keep in mind this dam was built about 75 years ago when the amount of water from the dam drainage basin was not as large. With all the improvements with ditching, more water than ever enters Lake Bronson and exits through the dam gates in the spring. When all the improvements are completed and lake flooding takes place the road will be closed over the dam. The excess water will not only go through the gates but it will flow over the road and into the river down below. The lowered section of the road will act as a large spillway in an emergency. Once the flooding dimishes the road will re-open. I do not believe the work will start for a couple more years because of the lack of funding.

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