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In the fall of 2008 a Town Clock was erected in Lancaster on the corner of the town park on main street. It has a clock face on all four sides with "Lancaster" above the east and west faces and the date "1904" above the north and south faces. The date is the year the town was incorporated. The members of the Lions Club of Lancaster promoted the project and rasised a total of twenty-two thousand dollars ($22,000) to have it manufactured and erected. It tok three months for the clock to be built and cost $18,900. The balance of $3,100. paid for the power to the site, the construction of the large concrete base and the installation. Of the total, $12,000. came from the Lancaster Centennnial fund, $3000. from the Town of Lancaster, $2,500. from the Lions Club and the balance of $4,500. from private donations. The back-lit faces on all four sides automatically light up at dusk, turn of at midnight, and back on at 6 am daily. The lights turn off at sunrise. The residents of Lancaster are now not only friendly, industrious and cheerful but on time as well

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