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I have spent many years studying my roots in fur trade the old bouchers were ship builders in normandy france and sailed to england about 1050 and on to ireland in about 1275 and made many explorations, by as old records show came to east american coast in1501 on fishing expiditions and were soon trading with natives for 1635 gaspard boucher brought his brother marin and son pierre to settle .pierre was about 15 and started studying under therecollects and later the jesuits he married a native huron girl and learned native languages and became an interpretor and scribe on all explorations of new france.settlers were having trouble with hostile tribes so pierre went to france to ask king louis for a 1000 man army for defence, was sucsessful and became the general of army which in turn were sucsessful,pierre for his efforts was given large tracts of land and the governorship of tree rivers. how does this effect kittson co?well pierre had 17 children and near100 grandchildren one grandson was pierre la verendrye and he back tracked p.bouchers route to lake of the woods possibly red river and established ft st charles in 1737 and a fort on red river in 1738 these forts were bases for fur trade and exploration of route to sea. he became the first white man to see the rocky mtns. many of pierre bouchers offspring followed suite including my gggranfather jean babtise boucher who eventualy came to caribou crossing in about1790 in the interest of theNW CO. of which bouchers had a large interest .my uncle albert was the last of the professional fur buyers passing in1996 I have a raw fur buyers licence but im not active, if iwas we would have over200 years in fur trade locally

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