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NING PLUS - upgrade completed July 20th, 2010!

NING PLUS upgrade completed July 20th, 2010!

This afternoon commenced selling upgrades and Kittson County Historical Society now has NING PLUS for our Kittson web page. The original annual price was set at $199.95. Because we purchased it today as it first came available we were given a further discount and an extra months service.

That means that for $183.29 we get thirteen months service. The following year will be charged at $199.95.

I am still reading all the small print and trying to understand what improvements are available to us. I understand that at least a hundred (100) different applications are available but we are not going to rush into anything. One application that I believe that would be very helpful would be one that provides statistics such as how many visits we get a day and which topics are read the most. The first crisis has passed and we are not going to be cancelled. That gives us thirteen months to make improvements and grow our membership. Whew! Now we can relax a little.

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