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Red River Flood crest reaches Kittson County

My previous Blog showed a photo taken from the Red River Bridge on Hwy175 on Sunday March 21st, 2010.

Yesterday the flood crest reached the bridge and flooded Hwy #175. The road to the bridge was closed yesterday. The bridge at Drayton is also closed over the river.

The above photo was taken this morning on Hwy 175 about a mile east of the bridge. This photo was taken facing west. You can see the water is now flowing over the road from the left to the right. The Red River flows from left to right and is a mile away behind the trees in the distance. The highway continues west until the trees then it makes a curve to the right and passes out of the photo to the right. The water is continuing to rise and will soon cover the road completly.

This second photo was taken on Hwy #16, facing north, at a point where it crosses the Two River. This location is about three miles east of the Red River. This road is also closed to traffic as the water is only a couple of feet from covering he road. The river is flowing from the right to the left. The water must be close to 20 feet deep on each side of the road, having risen at least 12 ft at this location. This area has now been flooded two years in a row, a new record.

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