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At the present time Fargo North Dakota has been fighting the Red River flood crest which is now moving north to Grand Forks. The river is out of it’s banks west of Hallock but there is a chance that it will not flood as wide an area as it did last spring. It flooded the county at least five miles east of the river and all roads were closed. The flood crest has about another 50 miles to go before it reaches our county. The first photo was taken from the Red River bridge which lies about 25 miles west of Hallock on Hwy #175. Two large pieces of ice are lodged against the bridge but the water is still flowing freely. This bridge was closed last spring because the water was over the road both east and west of the bridge.

The second photo shows the Two River about three miles south west of Lancaster. The river was free flowing until about a week ago but now that the ice has broken up it has formed an ice jam at the bridge.

If the water continues to rise it will cross the road to the north and this bridge will also close. Our snow fall this past winter was light so I personally do not believe the flooding will be as bad as last year.

I heard today that the bridge between Drayton, ND and Robbin, MN was closed so the crest is getting closer

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