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These comments are directed to new member Kristin Strand but they apply to all new members that are requesting assistance in finding family members. The number of requests for help are increasing and it is very difficult for us to keep track of the files & information. Please follow the instructions below as it will assist us all greatly.

Kris has just joined and requested help finding information on Thomas Inglis who ran a store in Hallock. For starters I checked Marcy's data base of 75,500 names and found a Thomas Inglis, born 1835 - died 1909. At the same time I located another forty people with the Inglis name. Because of the limited information I had be given, I was not sure if I had the right Inglis.

I next checked the Kittson County History book called "Our Northwest Corner - 1976".  I had no luck because not one Inglis was recorded.  At the time this book was published a large number of people in the county realized they had missed out in getting their family history recorded.  As a result a part two "Our Northwest Corner" was printed in 1979.  When I checked that book I discovered more than a full page of information and photographs on the Thomas Inglis I was looking for.  I have since scanned the pages and plan to post the information to the web page.

I can post the information to a number of locations, but over time, it will be difficult to locate the facts about Thomas Inglis if it is not placed in one location.  To solve this problem we have designed this web site so that you can organize all the information for each family in one location.

While this is directed to Kristin Strand, it applies to anyone wishing to organize family information.  I would suggest to Kris that she click on the Group tab and then open one in the name of THOMAS INGLIS. I will then post any information I have collected on Thomas to this group page.  Any other person who is interested in following the posts on Thomas Inglis can simply join his page.

Anyone who is a member of the web page, and a member of the Thomas Inglis page can post questions or information.  What is particulary handy is that fact that each member of the Thomas Inglis page will receive an email notification each time something new is posted. This will keep all of Thomas Inglis's information in one place and make it easy to follow his story.

The instructions are easy to follow in setting it up. Read the group pages on the JEROME or MURRAY family to get an idea how it is done. Once you have opened the group page on Thomas Inglis, Kristin,  you can follow and read the information as it is posted.  You can ask questions on the page and then wait for the answers. I will join the page too, and that way not only can I post information, I will get an eamail each time further information is posted by you or other people.

If you have questions on this or any other topic, post your comments to this blog in the space below.  

Kris, as soon as I see you have opened the group on Thomas Inglis I will post the information I have gathered so far, and then we can continue our search from that point.  Don't hesitate, just jump right in.     Glenn

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