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Can someone clear up some gravesite information for me?  This is regarding Riverside Cemetery.  Find A Grave lists Ole Billing having a gravesite there (no dates given), however family members have seen a gravesite for Olof Billing but no Ole Billing.  Does anyone know if it is Olof's grave (died in 1906 at age 7) or Ole's (died at age 16 in 1922)?  Was Riverside Cemetery even established in 1906?

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Comment by Marcy Johnson on October 18, 2013 at 12:33pm

I have the Works Progress Administration report on Riverside Cemetery which was written in June of 1936. It states: "The cemetery is owned and cared for by the village of Bronson and has been in their charge since 1905. The plats are looked after By Andrew Vik. The cemetery was donated as a burial ground in about 1910, the same year the village of Bronson came into existence". There was a burial of Ole J. Harstad as early as 1901. So the site was used before it was donated to the city in 1910. I have done indexes for the cemeteries in Kittson County and from the information that I have, Ole Billings, on the Find-a-Grave site, was born in 1907 and died in 1923. According to census records, Ole [also called Olof] was the son of Erick and Lucia (Olson) Billings. Another of their sons was Olof Billings who was born in Sweden in 1899 and died in Kittson County the 10 June 1906. I am not sure where Olof Billings who died in 1906 is buried.


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