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As you may or may not know, is phasing out their free service as of July 2010. This means we have to upgrade to a new platform, move, or get deleted. As a result I have carefully checked out a dozen sites that provide a free Social website platform. I examined them in detail and narrowed it down to and opened a new page there earlier this month to test it.

I have been working on the page and trying to learn the system but it is not going well to say the least. At the present I have been unable to even post my profile photo. The way the page handles the Groups and Friends is strange and not as good as I could list more but the bottom line is it will take time to learn this new site and we only have until July to move from Ning or everything will be deleted.

I hesitated to pay the $20.00 a year for the Ning Mini because it was limited to 150 members and we are growing an average of one member a week. Then I discovered it did not provide for groups and other Ning applications that are available to us now. There is no way we can live with the Ning Mini.

After all the frustration with the new Spruz page I realized it was going to take time to learn the new system and then the members would all have to learn it too. The pressure was building and I was not making any progress. Moving to another site was becoming less appealing each day.


We could upgrade to the Ning Plus. The number of members is unlimited and it provides for all the features we presently enjoy plus a few new one. It would cost $200.00 a year.

We presently have 60 members. If we obtained $5. To $10. a year from each, we could easily purchase the Ning Plus and build up a fund for future years. I would not be surprised if half the members left and we would be forced to ask for $10.00 a year. It is a small price to pay to leave a historical record of your family and county on-line for others to appreciate.

Let us think positively and perhaps some generous souls will make a donation.

I have opened a forum on the topic. “Are you willing to pay $10.00 a year to save us.?”

We have about 30 days to see what people think. Please go to the forum and read the comments and add your own. If you appreciate the Kittson web page just think what it would be like in another couple of years.

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