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     Recent info leads me to look at St. Joseph Township and the Joseph Jaszezek family.  I am looking for more information about their son Frank, who seems to be a possibility for being MY Grandpa Frank.  The family story that I have is that he may at least 1/2 of Polish or German descent, that he was born around Lancaster, MN and that things did not go well with his family, so he left.  I also have reason to believe that his other half is most likely Irish Canadian.  I am asking for help from anyone who may have any knowledge as to whether or not Frank was around after the 1920 census.  I can find no records of his existence after then, And I have no records of my Grandpa Frank before that date.It appears that Frank J. was in WWI. also. and was  home after that.  Does anyone know if anyone from the family still ,lives in the Lancaster area? Any and all help will be appreciated.   Shaon

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Comment by Louise Coffield on December 6, 2016 at 1:56am

Hi--have you tried looking with the spelling Jaszczak?  I found several in with this spelling and this is the local spelling now.  Many of these Polish/ Ukrainian names have several spelling variations over the years.  


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