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The best way for everyone to get the most out of this web page would be to start out with a photo of one of your grandparents, or better still a great grandparent. Post it to a group page in the name of the family. Tell us something about the person. Where were they born, when did they first come to this country and when did they end up in KITTSON COUNTY. In time you can add more photos and stories of family members as well as start new groups in different grandparents names. Once you have created a family group and posted some photos and information then email family members and invite them to join and post comments or more photos. Hopefully they will start their own family group. Don't forget you can also open a group for your own town in Kittson County.
The town groups should contain historical photos and stories about the history of your town. Please do not open more than one group for a town. Any one can join a town and post information/photos. In time this site will hold a vast treasure of the records of Kittson County and its people. It is a story worth telling and worth saving. Start now before YOU become an ancestor!
If you have any questions or need help with the web site just go to my page and look for the icon that looks like an envelope. Click on it and send me a private email that will not appear on the web page. Glenn

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