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STRAIGHT OUTTA KITTSON - that's me! (links attached)

Many thanks to Cindy Adams for reminding me how much I have received from Kittson County, growing up in Hallock, Lancaster, and Orleans.  I do remember Humboldt, Northcote and St. Vincent well, and we were so pleased to see that our song was recently picked up by the St. Vincent Memories blog.

There is a FABULOUS article out about the song "Straight Outta Kittson" in the current Kittson County Enterprise; and all proceeds from downloads of the song will be donated to the Kittson County Historical Society.

In addition, Bonnie Rokke-Tinnes and Dr. Doug Rokke recently interviewed ALCHEMIE on Doug's broadcast of "The Warrior Connection."  Doug and Bonnie were the first to broadcast our song; they encouraged us to reach out to a larger audience and Bonnie feels the same way about Northern Minnesota as I do.  She was my 8th-grade English teacher in Hallock and undoubtedly influenced me in my writing.  Bonnie writes and sells her wonderful books on Amazon.

There is probably more media coverage out there, or to come; and I mail out information about all of it to my fans on Reverbnation as well as posting it on Twitter, Facebook, and numerous other pages.  As I mention in my song, "I'm still straight outta Kittson"!  

We appreciate all the people who have made this so much fun (Cindy Adams, Tim and Linda Anderson, Trish Short Lewis, Bonnie Rokke-Tinnes and Doug Rokke).  More to come.

My husband, Bob Danielson, and I are so pleased to donate our artistic efforts to where I grew up; here again is the link to play the songs and donate to KCHS.

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