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Swan Johnson, Hulda Johnson, Erlandsons

My great grand father was Swan J. Johnson and he arrived in Hallock in the 1880's, where he homesteaded.  He was orginally from Sjoudden, near Vaxjo, in Sweden and emigrated at age 10 in 1869..  He grew up in La Porte Indiana.   He married Hulda Victoria Margerta Udd on March 9, 1889 in Hallock.  She was born on August 4, 1866, in Nashult, Sweden and emigrated through Quebec, around 1886.  She spent 3 years working for the Erlandson Family, who also came from Sweden during the 1880s, to pay for her passage.  They had six children born in Hallock and in 1898 they relocated to St. Hiliare, MN.

I am looking for any information on my grandfather's family or the Erlandson's, as it may give me more information about my great grandmother.  Any suggestions about finding out more about Hallock in 1880's and 1890s would be great.  

Thanks  Sandra Hammond

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