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To all ancestry buffs of the Gina Eggerud and Emil Johnson Families ...

I am presently doing a Family Ancestry on my Johnson/Brown/Eggerud/Schubert/Roeber side ... I need your help in finding pictures of esp. the Eggerud and Johnson families ... My grandparents, John Emil and Gina Johnson lived many years on their farm in Poppleton, Lancaster, MN [you will recognize the names of Victor and Lucille Johnson, Lake Bronson and Evelyn Johnson in the Johnson/Eggerud families] ... Emil had one of the largest Grain Operations in the early days in Kittson County, and a sizable Dairy Herd in the 30s, 40s, 50s [I think those dates are fairly accurate] ... I do not have pictures of the early farm, machinery, buildings, etc., and would love to get some [any pictures at all] for our Family Ancestry Book to come out prob. in 2014 ... The "Eggerud's" would include Gerty, Halvor, Henry, Gunhild, Nellie, Jean, Oliver, Betsy, Austin for a few. I think you will know the family of the Eggerud's by these names. They are related to my grandmother Gina 'Eggerud' Johnson ... Please email any information and pictures to Ron Johnson - ... Thanks alot .... My online User Name is= ancestryistobeshared - My password is= harold ... Just go to and type in these two links. I believe anyone can just type in these two links to view our 'family ancestry' ... If you should notice any error in dates and names please email me and I will make the changes - Thanks ...

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