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I tried typing this earlier but got cut off so if 2 blogs get posted--sorry! I attended the last Kittson Historian meeting this past Wednesday. Glenn gave a full report on the update needed to keep our internet site going. After his recommendation about the new site,, I also checked it out. It seems very good. Glenn has put an extreme amount of time into setting up our current site and also researching the new possiblilities and I am happy to report that I think the new Spruz site will be good for us. As you all know, internet sites come and go. There is no guarantee that any site you are currently using, will be available at some future date so we all have to go with the flow and change as changes are needed. I feel that all our current information will be able to be saved and will be moved to the new location. Let us just wait until the new site is up and running. We may find out it is much better for us in the long run! We meet the second Wednesday of every month at the museum in Lake Bronson. I hope to see more and more members attending future meetings. Louise Coffield

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