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Visitors doing research at the museum.

Visitors doing research.

This morning I was at the museum for a few hours and during that time I met five people who visited for various reasons. Two were in their 70’s, two were in their 80’s and one was over 90 years young. It is a pleasure to help people find family members they have been searching for and adding new names and facts to their family tree. We direct people to various county and town publications, census records, property records and many other sources that are available. Marcy Johnson’s Mega family tree records have now passed 63,000 names! Hardly a day goes by that this computer data base isn’t used to print out the name of a senior family member and a list of all their offspring. The fact is people fail to develop family tree records when they are young and while their parents are still alive. It is much more difficult to build a family tree after your parents and grandparents have passed away. Don’t wait, start building your family tree today. We are here to help you.

Send an email to the museum attention of Kathy Pederson at and she will be happpy to search for family records. Include the persons full name, date of birth and approximate years they lived in Kittson County. In most cases she will email the information to you. If you include your home address she can also snail mail copies of documents to your home. Copies are charged at 25 cents each. You are at liberty to add a small donation for the service rendered. Pay what you feel is fair.

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