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Progress is important to a Social Network like ours. If we do not grow in number and if the content is not interesting, it dwindles down to two or three individuals who bore each other to death. Progress is a must.

MEMBERS - we have increased 13 members in the last month and average 10 a month since starting. Total 32.

GROUPS - an increase from 15 to 21. Towns and Misc., each grew by two, one new family and one new township. We only have a limited number of towns and townships so the key group that needs to grow is Families. The more families, the more members, the more photos and the greater the growth.

PHOTOS - we have tripled our photos from 21 to 66. The older the photos the better. Photos contained in Blogs increased from 7 to 12. A photo in the photo section has a counter that records the number of times the photo is viewed and gives an idea just what the membership appreciates. A photo in a blog allows a lot more comments on the subject matter and it ends up initially in a featured position on the main page. Keep that in mind.

FORUMS - Forums are dead in the water, having increased from three to four, leaving me as the only participant. I guess I am the only one that had a mother and a father (smiling), or is willing to communicate. Please don't leave me there all alone, twisting in the wind. This web page is not about me. I am only the starter, you are the vehicle

It is interesting to note that at the present time only 13 residents of the county are members while 19 live out of the county. As more locals join, they in turn will introduce this web page to their far flung relatives. Word of mouth, or should I say internet keyboard, is the best advertising. To do your part open a family group and post some of those old photos you rarely look at. Identify the people and the event and post them. Then email your family and tell them where to find them. Once we reach critical mass, this page will grow to the stage that Kittson County will have a history that is not only visible, but preserved for future generations.

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