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Please read my recent blog dated May 15th then add your comments to this discussion.


I personally am willing to pay $20.00 a year to maintain this Historical site.


Make a pledge and if the total amount reaches $200. plus, we will upgrade to Ning Plus.


If the support is there, I will ask you to mail me a check, payable to the Kittson County Historical Society with a note it is for the web page. Pledge and then wait for the final result.


All donations will be recorded on this site and a fund opened to save any excess. You will always be able to see how we are doing finacially and what the future holds.


If you wish to donate more or less than the suggested $10.00 and wish it to remain private just say so and we will list you with your initials or as private.


If the support is not available this site will be deleted by the end of July by

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Please email me personally at if you do not wish to make a public donation. I will record the amount on this page but keep the donor name private.
Thanks Sheryl, and thanks for thefast reply. We have $30 and we now need only $170 to go. I am hopefull most of our members will wish to keep the page from being deleted. Keep checking back to see how we are doing. Glenn
I have received another pledge for $20.00 so that makes a total of $50.00 so we are a quarter of the way to our goal.
Out of 60 members I have heard from 4 at this point so we are averaging $12.50 a person. We have 56 more members to hear from.
I am more than willing to donate $10 and if necessary $20 in order that this web site can continue. However, there are several local phone companies that maybe willing to maintain this web site for nothing or at the most including their logo on the web page(s). I will leave decision to you regarding the search for an alternative server as you have done a great deal to get this very good web site up and running. I just hate to see some some webmaster or server company from the east coast or Europe keep asking for more money every other year.

I leave the decision entirely in your hands. Please let me know where I can send the funds.

Steve Swiontek, Devils Lake (Northcote 1955 - 1970)
I'll donate $20 to see the site continue. Just let me know where to send the check. Thanks!
Thank for your pledge of $10.00 Steve. These are the pledges I have recieved so far totaling $60.00.
Glenn $20. Randy $20.
Sheryl $10. Steve $10.

Total heard from - 5 out of 60 members.
Thanks for the $20. pledge Roberta. Our posts were submitted at the same time and I did not see yours unil it was too late to include in the last totals.

We are now at $80.00 but have only heard from 6 members out of 60. If everyone donated $10.00 we would end up with $600. and that would keep us going for three years. Even if we reach our present goal of $200.00 please keep pledging as all donations will help pay for the following year(s).

Also keep in mind that as our membership list grows it will be easier to raise the funds to keep going.
Thanks for the $15.00 pledge Vicki! We now have $95.00

We have heard from 7 out of 60 members. We are averaging $13.57 a pledge.

At this rate a dozen more members will help us go over the top. I am very encouraged because this is only the second day that we have run this forum to determine if the membership would be willing to support the Kittson County Historical Society page enough to keep this web page going. I hate doing fund drives, but our members are making it look easy.
Thank each one of you that has made a pledge so quickly and willingly. Glenn
I will help with $20. Hopefully we get enough...I haven't been very active, but it is nice to know this is here!
Thank you very much Danielle for your $20.00 pledge. That gives us a new total of $115.00
We need $85.00 more and I have high hopes we will reach that amount since we have only heard from 8 out of 60 members and this is only day three

If we reach our goal of $200. that will give us a year to add more new members. Until now we have been adding an average of one new member a week. In 52 more weeks, if our growth rate remains the same, we could have over a hundred members. At a hundred members we would only have to pay $2.00 (that is two dollars) each next year to keep us alive and growing. Thanks to everyone who has pledged The next two weeks should tell the tale.
Thanks for your recent comments on your Blog Louise. I have put you down for a $10.00 pledge so we are now at a $125.00 and need $75.00 to reach our goal.

You are the 9th member heard from. I hope this week we hear from the other 51 members. I think in future we could easily reach our yearly goal of $200. by simply having a $5.00 yearly membership fee. Once the pledge drive is over I will open the membership fee idea on a forum and we can see what the members think. This is day four of the pledge drive.

The sooner we reach our goal the sooner I will be able to request the checks and upgrade to Ning Plus
Thanks to Bruce for a pledge of $20.00 and that makes $145.00 from the first ten members with at least $55 to go.

Watch this space and when we have at least $200. confirmed I will ask you for your pledge, payable to the Kittson County Historical Society and marked for the web page. I will post my mailing address at that time. I have yet to hear from the other 50 members. We are only some 14 months old and have an endless amount of history to be added to this page. This is a project worth supporting for the sake of our county history. Watch us grow and keep getting better. Glenn

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