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Please read my recent blog dated May 15th then add your comments to this discussion.


I personally am willing to pay $20.00 a year to maintain this Historical site.


Make a pledge and if the total amount reaches $200. plus, we will upgrade to Ning Plus.


If the support is there, I will ask you to mail me a check, payable to the Kittson County Historical Society with a note it is for the web page. Pledge and then wait for the final result.


All donations will be recorded on this site and a fund opened to save any excess. You will always be able to see how we are doing finacially and what the future holds.


If you wish to donate more or less than the suggested $10.00 and wish it to remain private just say so and we will list you with your initials or as private.


If the support is not available this site will be deleted by the end of July by

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Glenn, I am pledging $20.00 to keep this going. Thanks to you for ALL YOU DO!!!

Tom Wickie
Thank you very much Thomas for the $20.00 pledge that brings our total to $165.00. We need $35.00 more to reach our goal. Eleven members heard from out of a total of 60. Where are the other 59 I wonder.

I was beginning to get a little nervous as we heard from no one yesterday. I may have to send out another email as our deadline has changed. We will have less time to move our entire web site to Spruz if the money fails to come in. I am still working on the replacement site just in case we are forced to move. To those of you who have generously and promptly stepped forward and pledged money, Thank you very much. I hate having to collect money like this but I believe it is worth while saving our county history. Keep checking back to follow our progress.
Thanks to Marjorie for a $20.00 pledge which makes a total of $185.00 in pledges. We have only heard from 12 out of 60 members. A couple of more pledges will get us over the top and then we can arange to upgrade to Ning Plus.

If you have not pledged any money yet please consider doing so. We need $200. to upgrade or else Ning will delete the entire contents of our web page. Let's not lose what we have started. It can only get better. Glenn

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