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As I type this Fargo and Grand Forks are days away from the Red River flood crest moving through their cities. While Kittson County sits along side of the river the crest is about a hundred miles south of us and could reach us in another week or so. Lancaster sits about a hundred feet higher than the Red River so we have no worries about flooding. The recent ten inches of snow switched us back into winter mode just when things were starting to thaw. Many of our roads and driveways were turning into rutted traps and now they are frozen, snow covered but a mess. As soon as the warm weather reaches us again our ditches, creeks, and rivers are going to go over their banks again. Overland flooding with roads and bridges under water will test our patience but it is very minor to the problems faced down south. Our driveway is going to be unusable for at least a week. I am interested in hearing what problems others are dealing or threatened with this spring, in our county.

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The water is dropping in Fargo but Grand Forks will have to deal with it next. Things are on hold in Kittson county due to the 10 inches of snow we got. That has now frozen in the ditches and fields so the spring run off has slowed right down. This is allowing our rivers to continue to drain water to the Red River and will ease the pressure when the sun comes out and things begin to melt and flow again. More snow is forecast this afternoon, anywere from 3 inches to 12 inche, depending where you live in the Red River Valley. Just what we need, more snow.
Speaking of floods, my sister, who graduated at Karlstad in 1968, sent me a couple of documents she received from Hallock Mayor M. C. Dipple when Karlstad High School sent students to Hallock to sandbag for the flood of 1966. I am going to convert them to a proper file format so I can load them on this site. Does the site support pdfs or will I need to make tiffs?
I was given to understand it supported just about everything and so far I think it has. Give it a try and let us see what happens. There is always the deleted button.
Local roads are starting to dry up and I see less vehicle parked at the entrance to driveway so we are making progress. Many county roads are still in very poor condition and these are ones that were never under water. The last time I tried to get near the Red River in Kittson County the closest I could get was four miles. Most photos fail to give a good impression of how much land flooded unless taken from the air. The trees are starting to bud but we rarely get two sunny days in a row. A few days above 60 F would be a pleasure.

Here it is the 7th of May and the weatherman is talking about snow on Saturday. The trees are showing some signs of budding but the buds will slam shut again on Sat. The water is slowly going down but the bridge over the Red River west of Hallock on #175 is still closed. I was not able to get any closer than four miles to the bridge. The fields that were underwater look like mud flats but the wind, the cold wind, is helping some what to dry them out. If you wish to get a person from this area worked up just ask them what they think of the spring weather.This photo was taken north of Northcote and facing west. There was four miles or more of water between the camera and the Red River. I have lots more photos but they all look the same. Water, water, and more water.

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