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As I write this we are within $15.00 of reaching our target of $200. in pledges. Even when we reach that goal, please do not stop with the pledges. All checks should be made payable to the Kittson County Historical Society and any extra funds will be held by them for future upgrades.


If you have not had an opportunity to make a pledge, we would be very happy if we obtained $10.00 from each member, but feel free to be generous.


One of the first upgrades or applications I would like to see on the page is a visitor counter. It keeps track of visitors and which posts are read the most. That would help us develop our web site.


In addition to the $20.00 I happily pledged, I am making another one. Each person that pledged money (and pays up) can write to me on my profile page. Give me a name of your Kittson family member and I will do a search at the museum research department to see what I can find. On site we have early pioneer census records, Homestead records, County and town centennial books, school annuals, old atlases and more. I don't promise results but I do promise a serious effort.


There are many more records including churches and family records. You might be surprised what will turn up. Specifically, if you had family that lived in Jupiter Township we have the original ledgers for births and deaths from about 1884 to 1930. We can scan the page and print the section that concerns you. It records the mother and father along with the Childs name, date of birth and how many children the mother had.


I can also report that the second printing of the County Cemeteries book has been completed and is available for purchase. I believe it is still $20.00 plus shipping. It was limited to 50 or 60 copies so email me and I will pass your request on to the Museum.

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