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John Emil and Gina Johnson, Poppleton, Lancaster, MN

Grandpa and Grandma Johnson had one of the first larger Grain Farms in Kittson County. He had a larger operation and made a good living at farming. He had cattle also and a large barn to facilitate the herd. I can remember helping grandpa and grandma with the chores, milk the cows, attend to the milk machine, feeding the cows, cleaning the barn, herd the cows into the barn to be milked after going and rounding them up in the field or woods by the beautiful river. I had great times staying at the farm for days and sometimes for a week or two or three. Grandpa and I played checkers a lot and ate Grandma's yummy Molasses Cookies, dunking sugar lumps in coffee and had just a wonderful time. The Blacksmith Shop was a neat place to hang out as grandpa did a lot of work there. I remember fixing the plow and cultivator in front of the Blacksmith Shop, and when there was a slow time I would oil down the plow and cultivator to preserve them from rusting. I did quite a bit of plowing in the field with grandpa's Red MM Tractor [I think it was an MM Tractor-forgot after all these years]. I did whatever I could on the farm, fixing things, getting water from the well at the end of the sidewalk [usually grandma's job though]. The River was a great place to spend time, crossing it on the rocks, fishing on the other side, cutting wood and all the fun things; there was work also. The little Outhouse!! Wish I had a picture of it just outside the yard fence beside the rivers edge, where we had to visit many times, day and night.  Grandpa and grandma had quite a bit of land and I walked the entire bit of it; woods and more woods; it was a great place to visit, stay over night and work. Trapping gophers was also fun. I will have a picture of the barn on my site and you will see that it was a big and tall barn, well kept, always painted white. I can remember riding in the old Model-T [or A] that they had, and I even drove it down the road (crank start). It was stored in the Blacksmith Shop and I can remember doing work on it from time to time. The house was neat also, with grandpas round-table Rock Garden on the porch as you came into the house from the front. Grandpa's Rock Display is at the K.C. Museum now. The steep stairs going upstairs where we slept and played was narrow. I will have a picture of the house also on my site. You will also see in their front yard the Rock Garden that was beautifully arranged by grandpa and grandma and was a focal point to all who came to the farm. I will never forget the Old Wood Stove in the middle of the dining room which I helped cut wood for and stoked the pot with wood many times. We would peer into the fire through a glass door. YES, it was a great place to grow up around and I will always cherish the memories of grandpa and grandmas farm. The Ice Cream Socials each year was a big thing with hundreds from the Poppleton, Lancaster and Kittson County area attending for good food, fellowship and ice cream. I sure wish I had more pictures of the farm but when you are growing up you do not think of those things. IF you have pictures of the farm please share them with me [any and all pictures]. Please email me at my email address. Thanks very much.  Ron Johnson (son of Victor and Lucille) - >>   

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Comment by Glenn Browne on August 4, 2012 at 10:47am

I have located John "Emil" Johnson, born 16 May 1892 in Grantsburg, WI.  He died 13 June 1969 in Kittson County.  His father was John Johnson - 1849 to 1918. His mother was Sophie Johanna Hedstrom - 1853 to 1936.

Emil was married to Gina Albertina Eggerud - born 12 Aug 1894 and died 26 May 1970.

They had five children. Details to follow. Do not hesitate to ask, if you have any specific questions.  We have a great deal of records to search, including censuses so please be patient with us.  Glenn

Comment by Glenn Browne on August 29, 2012 at 9:34am

The five children of John and Gina Johnson were as follows.
Victor "Vic" Lawrence, born 14 Feb 1919 in Popleton, died 5 July 1990, Fargo
Evelyn Victoria, born 14 May 1921, date of death unknown.
Lloyd Wesley, born 20 Jun 1923, died 30 Sept 1923 in Kittson County
Clifford Gordon, born 1 Sept 1924, died 10 Dec 1924 in Kittson County
Alfred Roger, born 24 Apr 1926, died 12 Nov 1926 in Kittson County

Ron do you have the birth and death details on your great grandfathers and great grandmothers, John & Sophie Johnson or Halvor and Astrid Eggerud?

Comment by Ronald Johnson on August 10, 2013 at 10:28pm

Glenn ... Will get back with you on all of that this next week maybe next ... Have quite a bit ... A lot on Halvor and Astrid ... Will include portions of their history ... Will work on it Glenn ..

Comment by Ronald Johnson on July 20, 2016 at 9:39pm

Glenn, here I go:....

John Johan Johnsson b. 6-1-1894, Vaxjo Jonkoping Langaryd, Sweden  d. 1-1-1918 Lancaster, MN  68 yr old

Sophia Johanna Hedstrom b. 6-5-1853 Graneberg Upsala, Sweden d. 8-20-1936 Lancaster, MN    83 yr old


Halvor 'Halvorson-Oysteinsson(Ostenson)' Eggerud  b. 3-26-1864 Rjunken [Tinn], Telemarken, Norway  d. 8-27-1934 Lancaster, MN  70 yr old

Astrid NIRISDATTER Nerisan-Andersson b. 2-23-1868 Bjonno-Bruvellno, Nore-Uvdal, Buskerud, Norway  d. 8-8-1951 Hallock, MN   83 yr old

Got almost all of my info from my mom, a 60+ page ancestry and thru the names and dates correspond with them as they did with my info. Interesting thing is that Norwegians would use ''datter'' as names for the girl children, so Niri's [father] daughter. That is where Astrid got her full name Astrid Nirisdatter. Cool I think. Niri's father was Anders so his daughters were Tone Andersdatter [Anders  Daughter] and Niri Andersson was [Anders Son]. Confusing at first but I finally caught on to the Norway way using ''datter'' for girls and ''sson'' for boys. I go back to 1749 and 1639 on Norwegian line [Eggerud]  ....  And go back to 1849 and 1853 on the Swedish line [Johnson].      Ron


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