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I'm curious about a small building right off the east side of hwy 75  between  Hallock an Kennedy. I'm not sure if it's still there. Somebody mentioned to me it used to be an old school house but I'm unable to find any information on it. Does anybody know if it was a school at one point? Or what it was used for?




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According to the 1912 atlas there was a school located in section 7 of Tegner Township. That would be 3 miles north of Kennedy. I will ask Cindy at the museum if she has any information on the school.

My grandmother, Helen Krogstad-Johnson, attended school in that one room little school.  I have taken pictures of it thru the years.  Also was able to look inside before it totally collapsed.  I am interested to see if the museum has any info on that little school house.  My great auntie Evelyn Krogstad-Mortenson is still alive but I am unsure if she attend school there, I will have to ask her next time I see her.

Hi Jeanne, I just looked are your pictures of the old school house. I'm surprised the building stayed standing for as long as it did!   Was there anything interesting when you went inside? 

Hi Paul,  For many years after it was a school they used it for farm storage.  It was empty when I looked in it.

I was up for Loes Ingeman's funeral a few weeks ago and the old school house is gone. 


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