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I began planning a family reunion for the extended (meaning not just blood, but those that married into) Fitzpatrick family for July 2016. Then I thought, why not open it up to anyone that wants to come? To me, Kittson County and it's neighbors in Pembina and Emerson are all one extended family anyways.

Many who attended the 155th Town Reunion expressed how much they had enjoyed it, and that they'd love to do it again. That said, I'm letting one and all know about this now so if you are interested in getting together to chat, catch up, break bread together, etc., you can plan for it. The dates will be Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17, 2016. I'll be posting info about lodging/food/sightseeing, so look for it. More information will be forthcoming as the months progress. But for now, SAVE THE DATES! See you there!!

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Another place to gather could be the meeting room at the Kittson County Museum.  I'm not sure if the museum has facilities for food preparation/service or not, however...?

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