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Recently, Kris Baldwin Ohmann brought to my attention that St. Vincent was incorporated twice.


I found out through research this is not that uncommon, evidently, i.e., that towns are incorporated more than once.  In St. Vincent's case we're not sure why it was the second time.  The first time was on May 23, 1857.  I researched that year, the year that was prior to Minnesota becoming a state.  A lot was happening in the territory in preparation for statehood that year.  It doesn't surprise me that the citizens of St. Vincent would try to position themselves for growth and and further settlement by incorporation around that same time period.  That's my theory anyways. (see attached image from book documenting 1857 incorporation - courtesy of Kris Baldwin Ohmann, and Google Books!)


But my point in changing the celebration is, St. Vincent is an old settlement, far older than even the earlier incorporation.  I feel to truly honor the town properly, we should acknowledge the earlier, initial incorporation and use that as the reference date for our celebration.  And to make it a round number (so to speak), We're moving the date from 2011 to 2012 and thus it will now be the 155th celebration instead of the 130th.  Clear as mud?  I hope so.  :)


Also, a committee has started to form.  The committee so far is Kris Baldwin Ohmann from St. Vincent (she and her husband Dan Ohmann are St. Vincent City Council persons), and Perm Diamond, who helped organized the Humbolt centennial.  Kris is also going to talk to Beth Lapp about being on the committee.  We'd like at least a couple of other people on the committee - please let us know if you'd like to be part of it.  I don't foresee it being time intensive, just periodic brainstorming, and coordination of things.  I was recently told that Cindy Adams from the Kittson County Museum is looking for a good photo that could be used for a fund-raising idea on a button (thank you, Glenn Brown for that idea) - it's a great idea that I think could really work, and we'll be looking into it.  Individuals like Cindy are so important, acting as a liason/contact for historical photos/documents/artifacts she might be able to make us aware of that no one else could.  That would be a BIG help...


I'm thinking out loud, but I can't help it.  I'm excited!  I hope more of you step forward with questions, suggestions, and ideas.  We'd love to hear from YOU!



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