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This card was presented by the teacher to each student in the class at the end of the school term.
Axel Bylund is my wife's grandfather and he was married to Blenda Christofferson. Anyone else on this list a relative of yours. I still have not yet determined the year of the card.

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What a great card to have. I found the approximate birth dates for the students and Willie Olen is the youngest born in 1900 and Annie Lager and Carl Hanson were born in 1890 and are the oldest. I would assume that the date of the card would be about 1905 to 1906.

Jennie Steen b.1893
Harry Steen b.1896
Ellen Nordin b.1893
Amanda Johnson b.1894
Axel Bylund b.1893
Olof Lager b.1899
Nora Lager b.1892
Annie Lager b.1890
Carolina Lager b.1895
Lina Norman b.1897
Olof Bergquist b.1895
Gottfred Bergquist b.1897
Clara Olen b.1894
Willie Olen b.1900
Herman Olen b.1898
Carl Hanson b.1890
Signie Hanson b.1894
Hilda Hanson b.1897
Edward Kjallgren b. 1897
Hjalmar Kjallgren b.1898
Oscar Satterlund b.1896
Lina Satterlund b. 1899
Hjalmar Satterlund b. 1897
Thanks Marcy! Perhaps we can find some old school records at the museum that might add more information.


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