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I have a paper backed book on the Lancaster anniversary with a lot of old articles.  Would the society have any other books on the older Lancaster/Kittson and the families that lived there?  georgine

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Hi Georgine, and yes there are more books. The research center at the museum has two large Kittson County books, one is out of print. Each town in the County recently reached their hundredth year so each one has a Cenntenial book. There are Church book, school books, family books, copies of all of the County newspapers (on microfilm) going back about 130 years. We have copies of all of the old census records. Last week I asked Kathy Pederson who works in the research department to see what she could find on the Cleem family. She found a number of items that I will see you get. In the meantime please open a family group in the name of George Cleem and I can then post the information there as well as send copies of the information to you by email. As you see and read the material make notes of the questions that come to mind and then email me under the correct family group. I will join your family groups as a member and then will be emailed with any things you post. Please understand and appreicate the the research department and this web page were created for people like you. We want to answer your questions and try to find information on your family. We do not charge for the research but you are at liberty to make donations.


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