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1st row: Dora Galloway, Forrest Olson, Lily Peterson, Henry Gunderland (sp) Supt., Mildred Johnson, Mary Hunter, Evelyn Dahlman. 2nd Row: Hildur Backstrum, Lyman Warren, Alvira Hendrickson, Beulah Homastad, Laverne Spilde, Avis Harper. 3rd row: Harold Homestad, Violo Mattson, Irene Kruse, Freda Engstrom, Hildor Swenson, Hazel Clowe, Alex Murray.
Note: Names on back of photo have faded & are difficult to read so best guess was used.

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Comment by Skip Smolak Rither on February 8, 2014 at 2:29pm

The Lancaster All School Reunion 1920-1995 was held in the summer of 1995.  According to the class list, this is the Class of 1930.  The names are correctly spelled with the following minor spelling exceptions:  1st row: Dora Gallaway, Henry Sunderland Supt. 2nd row: Hildur Backstrom, Olive Hendrickson, Beulah Homstad, 3rd row: Harold Holmquist, Viola Mattson, Hildur Swenson, Hazel Clow.  Henry Sunderland served as Superintendent from 1919 to 1931.


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