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I don't have any other description of this photo except that it was the original Karlstad Baptist Church. It stood along highway 11, just across the alley and to the east of the current Karlstad Korner building. A number of renovations were added to this building before the congregation built a new steel buiding at a new location some years ago.

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Location: Karlstad

Comment by Dan Nordine on July 8, 2009 at 12:39pm
The Karlstad Baptist Church recently celebrated its 120th anniversary. Pastor David Ingraham, at the request of the North star News, submitted a brief history of the church. I have added an edited version of that history for these files:
One hundred-twenty years. It is a humbling thought to consider the idea that Karlstad Baptist Church has been involved in touching the lives of many in the Karlstad community and surrounding areas for this long. And it is still more humbling to consider that God has worked in many ways and done many great things through those 120 years.
So it is with thanksgiving to God that we take time this July 3-5 to reflect as the Psalmist declares, on the glorious deed and the wonders He has done over those 120 years.
“During the decade of 1880 a new group of settlers from Sweden and foremost from the provinces of Sodermanland, Ongerman, Norrland, Dalerene, and others arrived in Kittson and Marshall Counties. Some of these new settlers were believers (in Jesus Christ) from their respective home communities. Strangers in a strange land, they soon felt the need of spiritual fellowship and edification. “
This is how the history of the church begins. In 1883, a Swedish Baptist Church was established at Tamarac River. The name of the church was Wanger Baptist Church. This church played an integral role in the establishment of Karlstad Baptist Church. From the accounts, Andrew Nelsen from the Roseau area was the one who most likely shared the good news of Jesus Christ with those in this area. A.P. Ljung was also involved in this missionary endeavor in Tamarac River and Deerwood Township.
Through these endeavors the Holy Spirit moved a number of people to establish a church in the Deerwood Township. On March 10, 1889, the First Swedish Baptist Church was established with 14 members from the area. Those whose names are on the first role of the church were: Claes Claeson, Sophia Claeson, John Netterlund, Catharina Netterlund, M. Nelson, Martha Nelson, P.E. Englund, Anna G. Englund, Jonus Netterlund, Charle A. Person, Gustaf A. Person, Mathilda Person, Charle A. Rosenqvist, and Anna Rosenqvist.
During the early years of ministry, services were held in homes, school houses, or out in the open. It was not until 1901 that the church erected their first building in Deerwood Township. The church moved to Karlstad in 1906. Karlstad Baptist moved in 1989 into its current residence located one block north of the old church building.
Since the church was established as Swedish Baptist Church, the Swedish language was used for all services. It was not until August 13, 1922 that the church had their first English service. Then in 1942 the Swedish service was discontinued.


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