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1st row - Floyd Sanner (Fire Chief), Orval Lund (Secretary), Elroy Hanson. 2nd row - Orielle Norland, Howard Ward, Glenn Sanner, Carl Swenson, Emil Carlson, Clayton Sanner, Herman Erickson. 3rd row- Roy Dunbar, Floyd Elfstrom, Morris Bernstrom, Sam Elfstrom, Leo Nordling, Larry Lund, Donald Galloway, Elmer Dahlman, Lewis Hunter. 4th Row - Conrad Homstad, Roy Bylund, Herb Mattson, Herman Hanson, Clifford Anderson, Warren Glad, Ted Kretchmier, Earl Dahlman

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Comment by Glenn Browne on November 5, 2010 at 2:08pm
With regard to the above photo I have been advised by Floyd Sanner it was taken in 1954-55. Of all the people in the photo only Floyd Sanner and his brother Glenn, who is sitting right behind him, are still alive today.


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