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Does anyone administer this site ? If someone does how about fixing the image uploader

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Please be advised that this morning, I received an E-Mail from ma certain JAMES POLLARD WHO SAYS i HAVE LOTS OF MONEY COMING MY WAY!!!  He uses 2 EMails. and   PLEASE BEWARE!!!  HE IS COLLECTING NAMES FROM THE MEMBERS LIST OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY!!!!     SHARON BROBST

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Little Minnesota in World War II

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our book, Little Minnesota in World War II, the stories of 140 men who died from our tiniest towns.  Many men in the book grew up in northwestern Minnesota and were highly sought by the military for their work ethic, ability to fix anything and woods and gun skills.  The men are all from Little Minnesota:  100 Towns Around 100 which includes Halma, St. Vincent, Donaldson, Holt, Viking, Strathcona and Goodridge.

Jill Musburger…


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John Ward

Anyone know of a John Ward that might have migrated from PEI, Canada?

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Swan Johnson, Hulda Johnson, Erlandsons

My great grand father was Swan J. Johnson and he arrived in Hallock in the 1880's, where he homesteaded.  He was orginally from Sjoudden, near Vaxjo, in Sweden and emigrated at age 10 in 1869..  He grew up in La Porte Indiana.   He married Hulda Victoria Margerta Udd on March 9, 1889 in Hallock.  She was born on August 4, 1866, in Nashult, Sweden and emigrated through Quebec, around 1886.  She spent 3 years working for the Erlandson Family, who also came from Sweden…


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Bengston Family, Kennedy

Hello From Montana!  I'm related to Hilma Viktoria Engdal-Ryden who married Frithiof (Fritz) Johan Bengtson of Kennedy. Hilma's mother and my great-grandfather were brother and sister. Looking for "cousins" to share information with!

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St. Joseph Township, Kittson

     Recent info leads me to look at St. Joseph Township and the Joseph Jaszezek family.  I am looking for more information about their son Frank, who seems to be a possibility for being MY Grandpa Frank.  The family story that I have is that he may at least 1/2 of Polish or German descent, that he was born around Lancaster, MN and that things did not go well with his family, so he left.  I also have reason to believe that his other half is most likely Irish Canadian.  I am asking for help…


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The Browns around Franklin, Minn., and the Schuberts and Roebers of Wisconsin.

These 3 family names are on my mothers side, Lucille 'Brown' Johnson [Victor]. I have quite an extensive tree already but any pics and/or family histories will surely help. German heritage. Thanks a lot. Ron Johnson

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STRAIGHT OUTTA KITTSON - that's me! (links attached)

Many thanks to Cindy Adams for reminding me how much I have received from Kittson County, growing up in Hallock, Lancaster, and Orleans.  I do remember Humboldt, Northcote and St. Vincent well, and we were so pleased to see that our song was recently picked up by the St. Vincent Memories blog.…


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Looking for pictures

I would love to find a picture of Louis and Ragnhild Blomquist, my great-grandparents.  That may be too far back, though.  I would even love to have a picture of their graves in the Saron Cemetery.

Maybe one of these days I will come to Hallock and see where my great-grandparents lived and worked and where my grandfather grew up. 

I love working on our family history but have been on again--off again.  I have been working on my father's side of the family from Burgstadt,…


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I want to apologize to those of you who are upset about the Kittson County Historical Society being affiliated with a certain member on this page.  I was completely unaware that this person was even a member of this site.  This site is for genealogy & historical purposes only and anyone can join.   We, at the Kittson County Historical Society, do not know the backgrounds of every person or even know who many of the members are.  This certain member has now been suspended from this site. …


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Hello Katharina and welcome

I was afraid I had some how missed your town when I had quickly scanned through all the places and typed them up, but I found you on page four of the list.   Hit " see more" to view the complete list of place names. Amazing how the power of the internet can let us communicate back and forth across the ocean in seconds.  What our grandparents would have given to have such a fantastic method of hearing from family left behind when they ventured forth to a "new land"!   Thanks, Louise

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Reddington family...

My great grandparents John and Mary Reddington were early pioneers of Kittson County - so I'm told - and I'm wondering if any descendents reside in/around Hallock/Lancaster? 

They were born approximately 1850 and are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery.

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Membership's home places as of 8-13-2014

Membership places as of August 13, 2014

Page one

Toronto, Ont. Canada

Miokana, WI.

Karlstad, MN.

Baker city , OR..

St. Paul, MN.

Minneapolis MN.

Gladstone, OR.

Swarthmore, PA.

Scranton, PA..…


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More donations come in.

Thanks to the following people who have taken the time and trouble to make a donation.

Therese Lloyd    $20.00

Donald Jerome   $20.00

Susan Lofgren    $25.00

Helen Weiss       $10.00

Because of the distances involved some checks take longer than others to reach us. We will report all donations as they arrive.

It is never too late to send in a donation.  Our goal this time is to collect enough funds to keep us going for at least three years so we do…


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Donations have started to come in.

I was able to visit the Museum in Lake Bronson late Friday afternoon and the Director Cindy Adams reported that six more donations were mailed in.  A very sincere thank you to the following people who are helping make it possible for us to continue one more year.

Marjorie Vargus  $20.00, 

Virgil Johonson  $20.00, 

Viki Hill  $20.00, 

Aldin Johnson  $10.00, 

Vicki Volker $25.00, 

Robert Rither $25.00

As I have said many times, if each and every…


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Annual renewal of contract.

A couple of days ago I sent out a group email to all 208 members of our web page. This is the time of year when we have to pay to renew our contract with for $240.   If you did not get a copy of the email please email me at and I will try again.

We are pleased to report that Lyndon Johnson from Lancaster, MN started the ball rolling with his $5.00 check. Thank you Lyndon.

Just think, if each member send in just…


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Some of the Luckiest People in the World...

We were some of the luckiest people in the world, growing up where we did...and it was because a large group of people from PEI (and a few other places, too!) came and settled in Kittson County together. We are literally one big extended family, many of our families intermarrying down through the years. It was a big reason we had so much in common, and we all felt a kinship even when we didn't know the other closely upon first meeting. I never felt that way ever again, no matter where I have…


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Looking for family

My grandfather was Eddie Norman Blomquist, and my great-grandparents were Louis A. and Ragnhild Olson Blomquist from Hallock.  Louis and Ragnhild are buried in the Saron Cemetery.  I am wondering if I have any family in the area.  

I never knew my grandfather and only found out about my great-grandparents from Melton and Adeline Blomquist about 2001.  Then I lost touch with them.

I would love to get in touch with family members!

Added by Josephine Brown on March 15, 2014 at 8:25pm — 1 Comment

Lancaster All School Reunion

Last night I was at the second organizational meeting for the Lancaster All School Reunion to be held in June of 2015. The exact date in June still has to be confirmed but the preliminary program looks good. The town's new community center is now open and will provide the perfect place for the main activities.

Special attention is being directed to the Registration Booth. A list of the people in attendance will be developed with attention to cell phone records. Classmates and friends…


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