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I have mentioned elsewhere that photos posted in the PHOTO section each have a counter that indicates the number of times it is viewed. If you fail to reduce your photographs before you post them they take too long to load. A person looking at the photos will not wait for your photo to load and quickly moves on to the next photo. Take the time to reduce the size of the photo, it will load faster, it will be appreicated by more viewers. When you include a large photo at any other location it… Continue

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Progress is important to a Social Network like ours. If we do not grow in number and if the content is not interesting, it dwindles down to two or three individuals who bore each other to death. Progress is a must.

MEMBERS - we have increased 13 members in the last month and average 10 a month since starting. Total 32.

GROUPS - an increase from 15 to 21. Towns and Misc., each grew by two, one new family and one new township. We only have a limited number of towns and… Continue

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Kittson County Census as of June 1st 1895

While checking the 1895 Census for some information I noticed the author, Dennis Sorenson, had included a list of the population counts for the Townships and Villages of Kittson County. Only two were villages and the balance were all townships or unorganized territorys.

St. Vincent Village...........141

St. Vincent Twp..............487

Clow Twp.......................163

Davis Twp......................236

Svea Twp.......................152

Hallock… Continue

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A small piece of Civil War history

I was recently asked for some help by a fellow who is writing a book about the 1st Dakota Cavalry. He was trying to obtain some photos of the grave stone of Pvt William R. Goodfellow who was a volunteer in a unit that served on the Dakota frontier 1862 - 1865. The grave was reported to be in the Pembina Cemetery, west of the town of Pembina. After the war Goodfellow settled at Fort Pembina with his family. He died in 1886 at the age of 49.

The… Continue

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Another piece of the past.

During my travels last Sunday I also spotted this hay rake hidden in the woods. It will be impossile to see or photograph once the leaves are out. It was in very good condition considering it last worked about 60 years ago. I believe the Museum at Lake Bronson already has one on display. I can remember my Uncle Bill working with his on his farm about 1943. His farm was located between Elm Creek and Carman Manitoba at a place that was called Barnsly.… Continue

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During my travels around the county photographing cemeteries, particularly in abandoned farms with private cemeteries, I discover lots of old signs of the past. At this time of the year, with no leaves on the trees and brush,

much is to be seen. Take this old wagon. It work was done and it was moved aside into some brush in some out of the way place on the farm. Now trees have grown up all around it… Continue

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Spring Flood of 2009

Talk of towns flooding has died down on the news and so those of us who do not live close to the river hardly think about it. This photo was taken the other day on Highway #175 about five miles west of Hallock. The photo was taken looking west towards the river about 4 miles away. The bridge over the Red River is still closed and it will be some time before the water all drains away and the fields dry. This photo was taken in North Red River Township.… Continue

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